Friday, August 31, 2012

Letitzia Bonaparte/Letizia Ramolino

Queen of Naples
Known as Madame Mere, Letizia Bonaparte bore 13 children to her husbandCarlo, but five died when young children.
After the Bonapartes were expelled from Corsica for their pro-French views, Letizia settled her family near Toulon.
An eminently sensible and practical woman, Letizia regularly counselled her royal children to prepare for a downturn in their fortunes.
When that day arrived after the fall of Napoleon, she retired to Rome.

on opp. p. : Photo-Etching. - From a very rare print.

The McGill University Napoleon Collections

McGill University Napoleon Collection Print
McGill University Napoleon Collection Print

A. Lacauchie del. // Monin sculp. // Paris, Imp. Frault jne r. S. And. des Arts, 37

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