Friday, August 31, 2012

From McGill University Napoleon Collections

McGill University Napoleon Collection Print

ci-devant Occupations! - or - Madame Talian and the Empress Josephine dancing naked before Barrass in the Winter of 1797. -- A Fact!
Barrass (then in power) being tired of Josephine, promissed Buonaparte a promotion, on condition that he would take her off his hands; — Barrass, had, as usual, drank freely & placed Buonaparte behind a screen, while he amused himself with these two Ladies, who || were then his humble dependents, – Madame Talian is a beautiful woman, tall & elegant: Josephine is smaller & thin, with bad Teeth something like Cloves, – it is needless to add that Buonaparte accepted the promotion and the Lady – now – Empress of France! – // Js Gillray dest & fect // 

London pubd 20 Feb 1805 by H. Humphrey St James's Street //

McGill University Napoleon Collection Print

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McGill University Napoleon Collection Print

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