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Greyhounds, NOVEMBER 1, 2011


The Greyhound, one of the oldest
 breeds; beautiful, elegant, 
loyal, gentle, kind and frequently
depicted in art...

The greyhound has deep roots in the history of the world. Evidence of the existence of 
over 4,000 years ago is found in murals, 
sculpture and paintings of dogs strikingly similar to the hounds we see today.

Greyhounds claim descent from the desert dogs of the pharaohs and Arab sheiks. These 
ancient dogs 
were held in high regard in the Middle East and were the companions of Egyptian and Arab 
Etchings of greyhounds have been found on the walls of the tombs of ancient pharaohs. The 
prized greyhounds both as pets and hunters. The Bedouins, too, so admired the greyhound 
that it was 
the only dog permitted to share their tents (a high honour in nomadic tribes) and to ride atop
 their camels.

Bedouin with Salukis, relatives of the modern 
day Greyhound 
and the oldest domestic dog breed in the world.

Greyhounds are the only canine mentioned in Holy Scripture. In the writings of King Solomon 
(considered to be the wisest of the wise) greyhounds are described as one of the four mighty beings 
no one should go against (Proverbs 30:29-31).
Greyhounds were introduced in England just prior to the ninth century through the many conquests, 
crusades, and wars with Middle Eastern tribes. Their speed, agility, and keen eyesight made greyhounds 
highly prized as sporting dogs by British royalty. Canute enforced laws which stated that only free men 
could own and hunt with greyhounds. These restrictions, enacted to keep poachers out of royal forests, 
became known as the "Forest Laws."

Misse and Turlu,
The Greyhounds of Louis XV

Eros, Prince Albert's favourite Greyhound, 
Sir Henry Edward Landseer, 1841

Thomas Gainsborough, portrait of Elizabeth Jackson, 
C 1760, stroking a young Greyhound

Marchesa Luisa Casati, Giovanni Boldini

Jean Gabriel Domergue

Margaret Gorman, the first Miss America, with her Greyhound 'Long Goodie' 1925

Bedouin with Salukis

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