Thursday, January 24, 2013

Complex of Napoleon

The person with a ‘Complex of Napoleon’ is the one, who experiences certain physical
 disadvantages (or those of the other nature) and at the same time happens to be a head 
above all others at his/her specialization, which gives him/her high reputation and 
publically-acknowledged leadership.
The primary syndromes are:
• The obvious physical disadvantage(s) and the evident tentative to hide it (them);
• The self-centrism (or rather complex-centrism) and as a consequence self-isolation, 
which facilitates the person to preserve and bring up his/her unique talent in a special 
area (usually in the most specific and rare one);
• The leadership and the ability to lead the masses;
• The great number of followers;
• The popularity.
The complex does not endanger life, it is rather good psychological stimulation for the 
development of the unique talent that each ‘Napoleon’ has.

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