Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Letters from the King


THOMAS BECKINGTON was consecrated Bishop of Bath and Wells 13th Octo- 
ber, 1443.* John Forrest, Dean of Wells, died the 25th March, 1446, and 
appears to have been succeeded for a short time by John Delabere, the King's 
Great Almoner, b the person named in the King's letter to Beckington. Some 
obscurity hangs over the election of Delabere to the deanery. He seems to 
have been opposed by Nicholas Carent, who had a majority of the Canons in 
his favour, and who was confirmed by Beckington. Nevertheless the claim 
of Delabere to the vacant dignity, which was supported by the royal letter, 
and also by a papal bull," appears to have prevailed; but he was never 
installed, and, on the 15th September, 1447, Delabere became Bishop of St. 
David's. 4 Subsequently he resigned his see." Gascoigne says Delabere was 
a very indifferent character. Nicholas Carent succeeded Delabere as Dean of 
Wells. I conceive this letter to have been written 29th March, 1446. 


REVEREND fader in God, &c. We grete yow often tymes wel. 
We suppose that ye have wel in remembrance how that at divers 

confirmed and blessed (consecrated?) and that We would think fit to* bestow 
on him our royal favour, and to grant all other temporal rights relating unto 
our said monastery, according to the usage and custom of the realm of England. 
We therefore, &c. 

Fasti Eccl. Ang. i. 141. Life of Beckington (Nicolas), Ivi. b Fasti, i. 152. 

: Phelps's Somerset, ii. 144. d Fasti, i. 298. e Ibid. 



tymes herbefore we desired and prayed yow hertly to be goode and 
favorable lorde unto oure trusty and welbelovyd clerk Maister J. 
Delabere, oure greet Aumsner [Almoner], whensoever the Deanry 
of Welles shulde voide; at which tymes ye were well willed and 
made ful promesse unto us to doo youre peyne and diligence to the 
performyng of oure desire, yf the cas shulde happen ; wherof we cun 
yow right good thanke. And, for as moche as the seid Deanry is 
now void, by the decesse of M. J. Forest, last incumbent of the 
same, We therefore write unto yowe at this tyme, and pray yow, as 
hertely as we can, that, in performyng of yo r said promesse, ye wolbe 
goode and special lorde, in this matier, unto oure saide clerke, and do 
all yo r possible diligence to sollicite yo r brethren Chanons of Welles, 
to have hym specially recommended to the seid Deanry, in theire 
next elleccion; so 'tenderly and effectuelly acquiting yow herin, 
that we may verayly understand that, by oure good mediation, the 
saide mater may the rather come to a good conclusion, after then- 
tente of this oure special desire, as oure greet truste is in yow; and, 
over this, we wol that ye yeve credence unto the bringer herof, in 
that he shall secretely open unto yow by oure commandement, in 
this behalve. Yeven at Westm r the xxix day, &c. 
To the Bishop of Bath. 

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