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Desiree (1954)

Desiree soundtrack
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Label: Varese Sarabande ClubLabel number: VCL 0505 1036
Running time: not on fileShipping date: June 7th, 2005

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Original score by Alex North
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Album Tracklist

1. Main Title - Alfred Newman
2. Adolescence
3. Desiree & Napoleon (Plaisir D'Amour) - Giovanni Martini
4. La Marseillais (Rouget de Lisle)
5. Youthful Diary
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Additional soundtrack info
Limited Collector's Edition of 2000 copies

CD release dedicated to the memory of Annemarie North (wife of Alex) (1940-2005)

Soundtrack Q & A
Q: Does this soundtrack have the song that Marlon Brando and Jean Simmons characters waltz to, right after Deiree comes out of Josephine's room, and Napoleon tries to kiss Desiree and he wants her to teach him how to waltz for his new soon-to-be wife? (from sand bag in America)
A: NOT really, but the Main Title from the film IS THAT WALTZ! But there is a scene later in the film when Jean and Marlon WALTZ.... and he is saying "One Two Three......... One Two Three!" To get her mad, but to no avail. The waltz music is being used a few times during the film... The waltz was composed by Alfred Newman, the soundtrack itself was composed by Alex North (thanks to Christian Simmons, Berlin, Germanyadd more info

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