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Edward V

Edward V

Edward V was born on November the 4th 1470, in sanctuary at Westminster Abbey. His father was Edward V, eldest son of the Duke of York, but his mother, Elizabeth Woodville came from a family of poor gentry.

At the age of three, Edward was sent to Ludlow Castle to receive an education. He stayed there until the age of twelve and his father’s death.

Upon Edward’s death, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, obtained control of the Prince’s person, under the title of protector and took him from the guardian Woodville family. Shortly afterwards the young King was taken to the Tower, which as well as serving as a prison was also a main Royal residence. His younger brothers, the Duke of York, soon joined him and for sometime afterwards the Princes were often spotted in the gardens, practicing archery and playing, but the sightings ceased after a while and the Princes were never seen again.  Once he had crushed the remaining factions loyal to the king, the Duke of Gloucester declared the princes illegitimate. Gloucester then claimed the throne himself.
Richard III is presumed to have murdered the princes once he was safely on the throne. The bodies of two children of corresponding ages were found in 1674 underneath a staircase.

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