Sunday, December 16, 2012

Offensive French Artillery finished

Offensive French Artillery finished
After I posted a review of Offensive Miniatures French artillery a short while ago, I also wanted to have a go at painting them. And they did not disappoint at all. They are nice to paint and offered a lot of detail. So much so that I thought I would go mad painting the highlights on all that red. ;-)
The guns are based for Republic to Empire and I have to say, with 6 minis to a base they are quiet crowded. So much so, that I left the ammo chests I painted up as well off.  In retrospect I think I might have gone and based them with 4 crew each and bought two additional guns. But this way there is more action to the bases. I went and changed some mini around between crews to make each base look unique and I think this paid off.
French artillery battery (Offensive Miniatures)
French artillery battery
[Offensive Miniatures]
French 12pdr 1
French 12pdr
French 12pdr 2
French 12pdr
French 12pdr
French 12pdr
French 6" Howitzer
French 6″ Howitzer
French artillery battery (an XI)
French artillery battery (Gribeauval system)

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