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Queen of Last Hopes: The Story of Margaret of Anjou

al ReviewsQueen of Last Hopes: The Story of Margaret of Anjou


"One of Higginbotham's strengths is taking the reader into this world and letting them feel what day to day life was like. This book is recommended for readers of historical fiction. It really filled in a gap in my knowledge of this period, and may do so for many other readers. The reader will enjoy Higganbotham's research and ability to bring an era and its characters to life." - Booksie's Blog 

"Susan Higginbotham writes a good book. Research, honesty and genuine historical accuracy – the hallmarks of her work – show through in Queen of Last Hopes as they did in The Stolen Crown. Her books can be trusted, and this isn't something that can be said about a good many authors of historical fiction." - A Nevill Feast 

"This story was absolutely wonderful with vivid scenes that pop before your eyes. The characters shower you with feelings so raw that you can't help but feel as they do. This is a story that is very difficult to put down." - Yankee Romance Reviewers 

"The Queen of Last Hopes is a winner and will please Higginbotham's fans and attract new readers from the adherents of the Lancastrian faction." -Historical Novel Review

"Of all 4 of Susan Higginbotham's historical novels, this is my favorite. Add this one to your wishlists and TBR piles–it's a good one!" - 

"Kudos to Susan for taking on a character so reviled by history and shedding new light on her actions...All in all this is a good book." - At Home with a Good Book and the Cat 

"I could not put it down; I was so entertained by Higginbotham's telling of Margaret's story which is why I endowed the five star rating.. Readers will become immersed in the quest for the rightful owner of the crown of England, as history's mysteries also seep through to help add to the titillation of the reader." - The Burton Review 

"The book is hard to put down once started. Each chapter is written in the voice of an important figure of the time so it is not one sided at all. Ms. Higgenbotham takes some liberties with history for the sake of her novel but she explains them clearly in the notes at the end. It is after all a NOVEL and entertainment is part of the package. And I was entertained as well as educated. What more could one ask from a historical novel?" - The Broken Teepee 

"Last year I finally read my first Susan Higginbotham novel, The Stolen Crown and was hooked. I was anxiously awaiting her latest novel, The Queen of Last Hopes and was lucky enough to receive a review copy. I was not disappointed. 4.5/5 stars" - So Many Precious Books, So Little Time 

"This is a brilliant piece of historical fiction and is highly recommended" - Readin and Dreamin 

"Susan Higginbotham's books are a historical fiction lover's gold mine...As a reader I caught myself wishing that history would re-write itself and give Margaret and Henry a happy ending, but it wasn't to be. But if a book can make you feel that way, it's really saying something about the author and the writing of the book. I'm giving this one 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag!" - Debbie's Book Bag

"Susan Higginbotham is a wonderful story teller and The Queen of Last Hopes is a must read for all those who love a great historical novel. I give TheQueen of Last Hopes 5 out of 5 stars." - Michelle's Book Blog 

"I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and I was incredibly sad when I came to the end which is the sign of a story well told." - Scandalous Women 

"In The Queen of Last Hopes Higginbotham successfully gives a voice to one of the most maligned women in history and in usual fashion, with spot-on historical accuracy and skillful writing, it's one you won't want to miss!" - Passages to the Past 

"This book is next to impossible to put down once you start it. " - Book Drunkard

"Ms. Higginbotham does a masterful job of presenting characters that are likeable (or in some cases, detestable) within realistic boundaries. " - Ever Expanding Library 

"I really enjoyed the book and it was great to read from Lancastrian point of view for change." - 

"It is written by the wonderful Susan Higginbotham, I knew it couldn't be anything but good and I was right." - The Lady Gwyn's Kingdom 

"This was a book I found difficult to put down and a wonderful addition to any book shelf." - A Moment with Mystee 

"I enjoyed this book and recommend it for anyone interested in the period of English history and Margaret of Anjou in particular." - CelticLady's Review 

"Higginbotham effectively turned a character with negative stereotyping into a character that I could care about and connect with." - The Maiden's Court 

"Susan Higginbotham weaves an intricate tale of love and betrayal in the captivating backdrop of 15th century England. The Queen of Last Hopes very effectively personalizes a family feud as famous as Campbell and MacDonald and Hatfield and McCoy." - Luxury Reading 

"Overall, The Queen of Last Hopes was an engaging historical novel for me that suited my expectations perfectly." - Medieval Bookworm 

" To say it was fabulous is an understatement. Ms. Higginbotham did an excellent job on her research, and truly did the real-life characters a service in portraying their stories." - History Undressed 

"The reader can hardly fail to admire beautiful, unlucky Margaret, battling on with courage and perseverance literally to the last hope." - Carla Nayland Historical Fiction 

"I don't cry often at stories but this had me fighting back tears over the last several chapters. I would certainly read more by this author. If you enjoy historical fiction you should love this book." - Martha's Bookshelf 

"I imagined myself in the story, taking part, instead of merely a reading bystander.
You must read this book!" - The Book Tree 

"I highly recommend The Queen of Last Hopes to every reader who enjoys historical fiction and to those who have not yet tried a historical fiction book, this is the one to read." - Rundpinne

"I love it when an author takes a historical character and brings them to life in a way that is fresh and new. That is exactly what Susan Higginbotham did with Margaret of Anjou." - Queen of Happy Endings 

"Wow, just wow this book completely blew me away. I was mesmerized from the begging and found putting it down was very hard." - Sara is Reading What? 

"As always, Higginbotham's novels are flawlessly researched and so well-written." - Pittsburgh Historical Fiction Examiner

About the Author

Susan Higginbotham writes her own historical fiction blog, Medieval Woman, and is active on Twitter. She is also a member of the Historical Novel Society and is a regular contributor to its publications. Susan co-founded the bulletin board Historical Fiction Online, a popular website for lovers of historical fiction. She lives in North Carolina with her family.

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