Monday, February 11, 2013

Up Next the Hawk of May Trilogy!

Thank you Anne Landa and Sourcebooks for partnering with me again.  This time on Gillian Bradshaw's wonderful Hawk of May series based on Arthurian Legend.  

On The Path Toward Greatness, Every Hero Makes a Choice
Legends sing of Sir Gawain, one of the most respected warriors of King Arthur's reign and one of the greatest champions of all time. But this is not that story. This is the story of Gwalchmai, middle son of the beautiful, infinitely evil sorceress Morgawse, and gifted student of her dark magical arts. A story of an uncertain man, doubting his ability to follow his elder brother's warrior prowess and seeking to find his own identity by bonding with his frightening and powerful mother. Disappointed in himself and despised by his father, Gwalchmai sets out on a journey that will lead him to the brink of darkness...
A tale of loss, redemption, and adventure, Hawk of May brings new depth and understanding to Sir Gawain, the legend of King Arthur, and the impact of choices made-and the consequences that follow.
"A welcome new light on the horizon of popular Arthurian legend...delightful...a strong sense of love and mysticism...a ripping adventure tale."
"Will appeal to those who have enjoyed Tolkien's works."
-Library Journal
"Compelling...splendid...vibrant...exhilarating...a novel that seduces us into accepting sorcery and sanctity in King Arthur's England."
-New York Times Book Review

"[An] engaging mix of history, legend, and romance."
-Publisher's Weekly starred review
"A fast-paced Arthurian novel with broad appeal."
-Historical Novels Review
On the path toward greatness, even a hero makes mistakes.
Armed with his magical sword and otherworldly horse, Gwalchmai proves himself the most feared and faithful warrior of Arthur's noble followers. But while defending the kingdom, he commits a grave offense against the woman he loves, leading her to disappear from his life and haunt his memories.
With his trusted servant, Rhys, a commonsense peasant, Gwalchmai tries to find her in the Kingdom of Summer, where Arthur has sent him. But an unexpected and most malevolent force of evil and darkness is loose-that of his mother, the witch-queen Morgawse-and Gwalchmai finds that the secrets of his past may deny him peace...
In the second book of Gillian Bradshaw's critically acclaimed trilogy, Sir Gawain comes to life as Gwalchmai, startlingly human yet fantastically heroic.
PRAISE FORGillian Bradshaw
"Compelling...splendid...vibrant...exhilirating, a novel seduces us into accepting sorcery and sanctity in King Arthur's England."
-New York Times Book Review
"Courage, darkness, magic, cruelty and kindness, justice and liberation...all the things that you have come to relish in the tales of King Arthur and his brave knights."
-Yankee Romance Reviewers
"This engaging and enchanting retelling of the Arthur legend will appeal to adults and younger readers alike."
-Publishers Weekly

"A welcome new light on the horizon of popular Arthurian legend." – Book list

Vows broken. . .
Friendships betrayed. . .
The fate of heroes finally revealed. . .

As powerful enemies attack the throne from inside the kingdom, Arthur, his queen, and his greatest warrior Gwalchmai will be put to the ultimate test. Never faltering in her loyalty to the king, Gwynhwyfar has stood at Arthur's side through rebellion and war. But one desperate decision could cost her all they've built. With the kingdom crumbling around them, following the Queen's heart could be the greatest threat of all. ..

Praise for Bradshaw's Hawk of May series
"Compelling ... splendid ... vibrant ... exhilarating ...a novel that seduces us into accepting sorcery and sanctity in King Arthur's England." – New York Times Book Review

"Will appeal to those who have enjoyed Tolkien's works." – Library Journal

What readers are saying:

"One of the most emotionally compelling novel retellings of this classic story."

"If you like this legend-this is a must read. This collection will never leave my bookshelf!"

"The author has a gift for creating ... beautiful, heart-stirring prose."

Gillian Bradshaw - Born 1956 in Arlington, Virginia (i.e., Washington DC); grew up there, in Santiago, Chile, and in East Lansing and Mount Pleasant Michigan; educated University of Michigan (Classics and English) and Newnham College, Cambridge (Classics). I published my first novel while I was supposed to be revising for my final exams; the exams suffered, but I still managed a 2.1. I decided to take another year in Cambridge to work on the next novel, and Met a Man, like many a woman before and since. We got married in Paris, where he had a post-doc position and I had discovered an urgent need to learn French. He continued research and teaching, first in Santa Barbara, then back in Cambridge, and finally at the University of Warwick; I continued writing. A lot of my work has used my background in classical Greek and Latin, but I've occasionally branched out into the high middle ages, contemporary, and sci-fi. We have four kids, now grown up, and so far one grandchild.  She won the Hopwood Award for Hawk of May

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