Saturday, February 2, 2013

Another lovely Audible Review of Desiree

JenniferAlliston, ON, Canada01-31-13
I loved this book, it was rich with history and elements of the time period.

Although its a long listen, I found myself wanting more and more after the book ended. I wanted to listen to the rest of her life story.

I was a bit disappointed with Desiree and how she left her husband and went back to Paris. Considering this novel was based on true points in history of a real person, I cant really blame anyone for her character development.

The novel was dry at points and I found that it dwelled on certain moments in time, that were not relevant to the overall story.

Time period novels are my favourite and this is now among my top 3!

For anyone who like this novel, try listening to Philipa Gregory's novels.

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