Sunday, September 2, 2012

Royal Jewels

The best weekend viewing

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark
Much of the jewellery adorning Princess Mary and other Swedish royals has a long and interesting history. 

The Royal Jewels
Sunday, 7.30pm, SBS One
This documentary about jewels belonging to the Danish and Swedish royal families recently aired on Swedish television. The magnificent crowns, tiaras, bracelets, necklaces, rings and brooches all have a particularly long history attached to them.
As Queen Margrethe of Denmark says, "We don't count the carats, we count the centuries." It takes two episodes to encompass all this splendour, with the second part screening on New Year's Eve at 5.30pm. Could be fun with an early glass of bubbly. In part one we learn the exquisite ruby and diamond jewellery set given to Crown Princess Mary of Denmark before marrying Prince Frederik has an interesting past. In 1804 Desiree Clary, a former lover of Napoleon, wore it to his coronation. She later became queen of Sweden. The set was inspired by nature, the diamond leaves on the tiara decorated with deep pink rubies to mimic berries. The film weaves in one-on-one interviews with the Danish and Swedish royal families, who tell political and historical stories behind the gems.

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