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Napoleonic War

There are three areas of play in Napoleonic War including the rural area, the game map and your city. Your city is where all construction takes place – dwellings including cottages for your population, a town hall, palace, university, army barracks, embassy and a horse breeder's guild. Fortify your city with resilient walls and even burning oil to defend yourself from attacks by other players.

Napoleonic War Description

Travel back in time and step into Napoleon's shoes as you command your troops into battle against neighbouring factions. Only the bravest will be victorious...
Napoleonic War is a free-to-play browser-based MMOG set in the Napoleonic Age, combining elements of building and military strategies. You start the game with a mere handful of buildings, and using your strategic building skills, expand it into a mighty empire using an array of resources.

The rural area is where all resource plots are found in Napoleonic War. Use the rich soil to build wood, stone, food and iron plots. The food and wood plots are crucial for the survival of your population, so ensure you maintain an apt supply.

The game map provides an overview of all the other cities in the land of Napoleonic War, as well as various armies to capture. View other player's cities and decide who will be your foe, and who will be your friend. There is also a battlefield where you can compete for special quests that will bring you valuable resources, items and gold.

Manage, train and expand your army and lead them to victory, as they attack other cities and defend your own in Napoleonic War. Armies consist of infantry, musketeers, grenadiers, scouts, hussers, billmen, dragons, canons, siege engines, convoy buggies and howitzers. Ensure you have enough barracks to train your army, and treat any wounded soldiers in your city's medical facility. Install various heroes including a commander to lead your army to war, a mayor to govern your city and a strategist to conduct technology research, and a separate hero to attack other factions.

Grow your empire, gather your armies and prepare for relentless battle as you strive to rule all the land in the Napoleonic era.

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