Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dan Verssen Games Challenges You To Put Yourself In Napoleon’s Shoes

Dan Verssen Games has announced the third in the Field Commander series: Napoleon. Deemed their biggest game to date, Field Commander: Napoleon is in a 4″ high box, depicting Napoleons booming presence! A solitaire game of world domination, Napoleon sets you on a mission to gain glory and riches. See what it’s like to play the role of Napoleon Bonaparte.
From the Dan Verssen website:
“The game design focuses on the battlefield tactics and Napoleon’s powerful personality. Through political and military cunning, Napoleon swept France to super-power status. In previous Field Commander games, supply was a primary concern. As the Emperor himself said, “An army travels on its stomach.” In this game, Napoleon’s achievements and public adulation drive all facets of game play. Be successful, gain the support of your troops and your countrymen, and you can achieve anything!
The game spans all of Napoleon’s campaigns from Italy in 1796 to Waterloo in 1815.
Success depends on the vital balance between strategic and tactical focus. You must move your forces across the maps to achieve your strategic goals, but you must also out-think your opponents on the battlefield.
You can play each campaign as a stand-alone game, or as part of a linked series of games.”
Choose from 11 different campaigns and lead your forces to victory. Prepare to travel across continents, battling in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Prove yourself on the battlefield and return home to France cheering in your honor.
Field Commander: Napoleon is expected to arrive in stores this August, 2011.

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