Monday, September 3, 2012

First Audible Customer Review

Full disclosure:  Sophia is a friend.  She's been listening to the the recording of Desiree in sequence as i've been finishing it, chapter by chapter.  She's been so encouraging.  The day the audiobook came out she bought a copy and wrote this review.  Gosh, I love her!

SophiaKINGSTON, NY, United States08-29-12

"Stunning telling of a riveting story."
Through Desiree's eyes we get a glimpse into a fascinating era in history,
 meet thoroughly engaging characters (who actually lived) while being 
swept up by a story that is tumultuous, delightful and ultimately satisfying. 
The performance only enhances the brilliance of the text. It is full, rich 
and subtle. This should not be missed.

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