Thursday, September 13, 2012

Napoleon and Rochefort France

Napoléon - Les adieux à Rochefort
Napoleon's farewell at Rochefort


Maingault - A ticket to America - July 1815
      Defections and betrayals - Rochefort - Return of the BourbonsPerfidy of Maitland - Bellerophon - Farewell
Napoléon - Les adieux à Rochefort
Farewell at Rochefort

Napoléon se rend au Bellérophon
  15 July 1815 - Napoleon goes on the Bellerophon

Napoléon sur le Bellérophon
On board the Bellerophon

Warden - The road to exile - August-September 1815
      Northumberland - En route to St. Helena - The Lettres of Warden

Napoléon à Plymouth
  Off Plymouth

Arrivée de Napoléon à Sainte-Hélène
  Arrival at St. HelenaO'Meara - Physician of the Empereur - October 1815 - May 1816
      The Briars - First rivalries, first complaints - Letters to Finlaison
            Longwood - Piontkowski - Hudson Lowe - Restrictions - Declarations

Les Briars à Sainte-Hélène
The Briars, home of the Balcombe family

O'Meara - Agent of the Governor - June-December 1816
      Taunts of the doctor - Malcolm - The foreign commissioners - The Welle case
      Longwood budget - Letter of Remonstrance
Sending away the servants and Piontkowski - The arrest of Las Cases
Napoléon à Longwood dictant à Las Cases
Napoleon dictating his memoirs to Las Cases

O'Meara - Go it alone - January-October 1817
      Albine de Montholon - The Cossack of Brienne - Disgrace of Gourgaud
      The bust of the king of Rome - Showdown between O'Meara and Hudson Lowe
      Lady Plampin - Speech ofBathurst - Observations

Napoléon prisonnier à Ste Hélène
  Prisonner at St. Helena

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