Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Portrait of Marquise de Pompadour. 1756. François Boucher. Oil on canvas, Alte Pinakothek, Munich

Women's 1700 shoes

Portrait of the Villers Family 1790. Jan Bernard Duvivier. Oil on canvas, Groeninge Museum, Brugesman's 1700 shoe
1780 shoe. 
1804-05 Oil on canvas, 
Private collection

1800's slippers

 Portrait of Catherine Worlée, Princesse de Talleyrand-Périgord. François Gerard.
1804-05 Oil on canvas,
Private collection

1780, Abigail Adam's shoe

 1805-1810. Manchester Art Gallery

Silk, silk ribbon, silver sequins, linen leather. France or England circa 1809

Evening shoes ca. 1800-1810 via Manchester City Galleries

Shoes 1800, Made of leather and linen

1795-1815 boots

Pair of shoes worn by the Empress Josephine on the day of the coronation, 1804

                                                         Sandals, 1806-15 UK, the Met Museum

Shoes that belonged to Juliette Recamier, France, 1799-1815. Made of taffeta and kid leather

Leather Boots 1795-1810

1800, Kid, Leather, Linen, Silk

ca 1800

Slippers 1805, European, Made of cotton and leather

Shoes 1800, British, Made of leather

1800-1810 Yellow kid bound in same, over white linen. Very pointed toes. Fronts trimmed with yellow silk tassel fixed by small steel buckle. Back of shoe faced with yellow kid printed with pattern in black. Heel of kid and leather.

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