Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Military Regalia

Grenadier Bearskin Cap, 1790s

Grenadier Bearskin Cap 1800-15
epaulet10.jpg (30405 bytes)

 Gold Epaulet        

fr_lt_ept.JPG (57322 bytes)epaulet8.jpg (51029 bytes)

                                                                     Late 18th Century Embossed Gorget

Pioneer Crossed-Axes Plate 

 Bugle and Grenade Cartridge Pouch Plate

crown_n.jpg (2504 bytes)                                                                          

Crowned "N" Cartridge Pouch (Giberne) Plate 

French Cockade on Shako 

Lion's Heads and Snake Waistbelt clasp

General Officer's Waistbelt Plate

French Marshal's Bicorn

Officer Bonnet de Police

knot6.jpg (24940 bytes)

Buff Leather and Gold Sword Tassel with Crimson CentreThis knot was used by various cavalry units at various times.  The 1st Life Guards used on and off throughout it history (1796 -1822, 1831-1857, 1872-1945).  The Heavy Cavalry used it from 1822 to 1883.

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