Saturday, July 28, 2012

Princess Eugenie - Desiree's only grandaughter

The fourth of five children, Princess Eugenie.  

Princess Eugénie (her official Swedish name was Eugenia) was born 1830 and died 1889. She was the fourth child and only daughter of king Oscar I and his wife Josephine, née princess of Leuchtenberg (at the time of her birth Oscar and Josephine were still crown prince and -princess, though).

From her early teenage years Eugénie suffered from bad health. She had weak lungs (there are theories about tuberculosis). There could be several reasons to why she never married, her weak health being one of them. It is also said that she didn't wish to get married. Also, the Bernadottes were at this time still regarded as a "new" dynasty, and they were not popular "marriage candidates".

Princess Eugénie had artistic talents, she was a very good drawer and also worked with composing and sculpturing. She was also involved in charity. Eugeniahemmet (literary translated "The Eugenia home") was founded 1879 and was an institution for ill and handicapped children in need of care, food and clothes and somewhere to live. It survived until 1971, when it was closed.

The boys are her nephews (sons of king Oscar II). From left to right: prince Carl, princess Eugénie, prince Eugen, prince Oscar and prince Gustaf (the future king Gustaf V)

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