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Parts of a Castle

Medieval Castle

Identifying different Parts of Castles
This section provides a comprehensive description which will assist you in identifying different parts and architectural features of castles.
Parts of a Castle - The Norman Castles
The Normans introduced the wooden Motte and Bailey Castles to England following their victory at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The Norman timber Motte and Bailey castles were quickly replaced by permanent stone Norman castles. The names of many Castle parts therefore had a French origin. The great Norman Keep replaced the wooden tower - this is one of the main parts of a castle that are explained in this section. The Plantagenets followed the Normans and the great Medieval concentric castles were built and new castle parts were added to strengthen the defences of castles.
Parts of a Castle - The Medieval Castles
The most prolific of the Plantagenet castle builders was the Plantagenet English King Edward I. These old Edwardian Medieval Castles were a symbol of wealth and power and were often the centre of historic battles and Medieval sieges! These great old castles were built for Medieval warfare and defence and new parts of the castle were designed accordingly! The Medieval architect and engineer who designed many of the main parts of the Medieval castle was Master James of St George. These Medieval castles introduced many main parts of a castle including the Drawbridge, Portcullis, Barbican, Crenellations, Death Traps and Murder Holes! 
Parts of a Castle -  Moats!
One of the most familiar and main parts of Medieval castles is the moat. There are many legends and myths surrounding the Moats of Medieval Castles. Perhaps the most famous is the myth that there were dragons or alligators in the moats of the Medieval Castles!
  • What was the purpose of the moat?
  • How did moats help with the defences of Medieval Castles?
  • How deep were the moats?
Parts of a Castle - Dungeons!
The dungeon is another familiar and main part of the Castle. The very word 'dungeon' conjures up a dark vision of one of the most infamous parts of a castle:
  • What were dungeons like?
  • Who were thrown into dungeons?
  • Were Instruments of Torture used on prisoners?
  • The horror of the dungeon fascinates all of those interested in the different parts of the Medieval Castle
Parts of a Castle - Castle Moats, Dungeons and Parts & a Glossary of Terms!
This section covering the different parts of a Medieval Castle, including the moat and the dungeon, is fascinating. Can you name 20 different parts of a castle? This section will provide you with full details of the description, origin and purpose or function of different parts of a castle. The following links provide access to facts and information about the different main parts of the Castle:

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