Thursday, August 15, 2013

Audible customer review!

The Queen of Last Hopes: The Story of Margaret of Anjou | [Susan Higginbotham]

"Highly engaging story with some great narration"
Margaret of Anjou was married to King Henry VI of England. When Henry was grasped by bouts of insanity that made him an unsuitable ruler for England, Margaret stepped in to take his place. Her motivation at that point of time was to keep the crown safe for her son, Edward of Westminster. I guess it would have been difficult to predict that this woman would some day become one of the most important player in the War of Roses. In this book Susan Higginbotham tells us Margaret’s story, a view-point which has been some what if not completely lacking in historical fiction.

Margaret has often been portrayed in various historical fiction as a supporting character, mostly painted in a negative shade, hence a story that is told from her point of view only makes the book more interesting. Higginbotham’s Margret is a strong-willed, intelligent woman who does what she feels is in the best interest of her family. Her motives and actions seem to be justified when we look at things from her perspective. The war between Lancastrians and Yorkists which forms the backdrop and a major portion of the book is done very well.

Thoughts on the audio: The unabridged audio book version was narrated by Nicole Quinn. My fondness for this book is in parts due to my liking the way it was narrated. Nicole Quinn has done a great job and her vocal impression for Margret of Anjou through her adolescence to adulthood is wonderful. The voice of a teenager in love transitions to that of a confident woman in the seat of power and culminates with the wizened lady who has seen it all and survived to tell the tale. Each stage has been done with great finesse. I guess a good narrator only makes the book more of a joy to listen to!

I however feel, the length of the audio book might deter a few to venture in but let me assure you, once invested in to this book, you will hardly worry about length or any such. If you are like me and enjoy historical fiction, you shouldn’t miss out on this great take on War of the Roses.

Work keeps me busy these days and the idea of sitting with a book and especially historical fiction with all the names, places and dates isn’t something I look forward to but in the form of an audio book I can see myself listening to a lot more of my historical fiction favorite authors and not complain!

A well researched and a highly engaging story!

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