Monday, August 19, 2013


   The Orkney Islands represent an outstanding archipelago located
 in north of Scotland, with approximately 70 islands, of which only 
16 are inhabited. The Orkney Islands can be divided into three regions: 
North Isles, Mainland, and South Isles.
   If you come here you will discover an amazing ancient human 
settlement which has been inhabited for almost 5500 years by Neolithic 
tribes, so that today it is home to one of the oldest and very well conserved
 sites in the world. The place is fulfilled with brochs, old cemeteries as 
old as 2000 years, tombstones and magnificent viking ruins. The Heart
of Neolithic Orkney is now an assigned UNESCO World Heritage site, 
also having amazing Renaissance castles and medieval churches.
   If you want to come here, the only possibility is to use the means of 
transportation by plane or by sea. The primary airplane that takes you 
to the Orkney Islands is Loganair, but you can also try to take the ferry 
from any place of Scotland to Orkney. But pay attention! On some islands, 
the entry to people and tourists is forbidden, so be careful not to break the 
rules from here.
   Once you reach here, you will feel like you stepped in heaven: peace 
and relaxation. If you love fishing, then this is the perfect place for this 
because the waters provide the best fishing spots in the world, but you 
can also take the opportunity to do some water sports like boating or 
scuba diving.

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