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Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte, a native of Corsica Bonaparte dynasty, began his military service in the artillery in 1785 with the rank of second lieutenant. During the French Revolution was in the rank of Brigadier General. In 1799 he was part of a coup taking the place of the First Consul, concentrating in its hands all the power, after five years,
Actually installing the dictatorship in 1804, proclaimed himself emperor. A number of successful military has significantly increased the area of the French Empire. Military campaign against the Russian Empire in 1812 was a failure, which led to the abdication of the throne in 1814.
Was exiled to the island of Elba, but in March 1815 tried to return to power, but the battle of Waterloo, Napoleon finally led to a reference to the island of Sveta Helena.
Private life of Napoleon Bonaparte at least was full of intrigue than its political and military activities. It is known that Bonaparte was full of love and a strong romantic. For women, it could postpone the case, forgetting about their plans and their subordinates. Napoleon was willing to spend fortunes on gifts for loved women, he could write a multi-page love letter to seduce a woman he liked.
Bonaparte's love for women was shown to the youth when he honed the art of flirting without further consequences, which usually end conversations. Napoleon Bonaparte was not so attractive man: short, thin, and always pale officer.
However, his flirting and courting a sixteen-Eugenie-Desiree Clara, the most beautiful woman in Marseille, the sister of his wife's brother, Joseph, led to their engagement. Prospective alliance was favorable to Napoleon, in Paris his position was not clear, members of the Committee of Public Safety was in doubt.
Besides the temptations of Paris was assailed by Napoleon Bonaparte, as he wrote to his brother, asking him to hurry his wife's sister:
"This is more beautiful than ever. And best of all - a woman of thirty - thirty-five years, experienced in the art of fall in love ..."
Temptations of women in Paris regularly assailed Napoleon, at first it was Mrs. Permon, after a while De la Bushardi and finally Napoleon surrendered passion for Madame Josephine de Beauharnais. All my life Desiree constantly reproached his husband Napoleon did not take place, and he was always trying to make amends. Napoleon became godfather to her son, when Desiree married General Bernadotte. While Bonaparte and Bernadotte openly at odds with each other, but as soon as Desiree became his wife - Napoleon was to forgive all the errors of general. Napoleon life felt guilty that he had promised to marry Desiree and keep his word.
Josephine, originally from Martinique at sixteen she married the Vicomte de Beauharnais, came to Paris in 1779. Husband quickly left a young wife than Josephine quickly took advantage and became a free woman, but during the Revolution, Josephine and Viscount reunited.
Soon Viscount was executed on the guillotine, and Josephine went to prison. After several months of detention she thirty-year woman with two children in her arms, money or their own homes, continued to live at the expense of permanent debt.
Starting to organize the order in the streets of Paris, Bonaparte ordered the disarmament of citizens. At the headquarters of the boy came with a request to send a sword, as the memory of his father.
Photo - Napoleon Bonaparte
Photo — «Napoleon Bonaparte»
Bonaparte was shocked young boy and his determination that allowed the father to leave his sword. The next day at the headquarters of the boy's mother came to thank the general. Napoleon and Josephine first met each other. A few days later, Napoleon visited Josephine with a return visit of courtesy.
Josephine at thirty looked young and innocent: thick brown hair, fine features with a small nose, smooth skin and a gentle smile. Josephine flexible body and its ease of movement attracted Napoleon, he came to her almost every day and two weeks later they passionately make love.
Mature Woman expressing fervent passion and captivating temperament attracted Bonaparte, he always felt a sense of longing for her and at one point offered to become his wife, Josephine. Josephine agreed, because Napoleon was young and could rise high in the service.
Napoleon and Josephine's wedding on March 9, 1796, civil servant recorded in the registration book: Bride - 29 years old, the groom - 28 years. In 1796, Mrs. Josephine was in '32, and General Napoleon was 26.
Almost immediately after the wedding, the young General Bonaparte left with the Italian Army, and Josephine stayed in Paris. Napoleon greatly missed every day and wrote a letter to his wife:
 "I warn you, if you hesitate, you will find me sick." 
He scored six wins in fifteen days, but this time the fever tortured him, cough exhausted body.
 "You're coming, right? Will you be here, beside me, in my arms". 
Military campaigns husband's delighted Josephine, she wanted to take part in the festivities in Paris and wrote to Napoleon, was ill and could not come to him. Bonaparte is far away from his wife neistoval from jealousy and constant worry for Josephine, he wrote her a letter every day, such as:
 "I'm so guilty before you, - I do not know how to make amends. I blamed you for what you have not been away from Paris and you're sick, forgive me, my dear friend, love took me a reason ..." 
Bonaparte did not depart from his brother Joseph:
 "I do not leave the horrible premonition ... You know that Josephine - the first woman I adore. Her illness causes me to despair ... If it's so cool that can bear the journey, that I long for her to come If it is ... I have not love, I have nothing to do on the ground. " 
In one moment Josephine exhausted reasons not to leave Paris, she traveled to Milan, where Bonaparte astride rushed for two days. Next few days, Josephine and Napoleon would not leave each other, spending time in the deep passion and love.
Napoleon was forced to leave Milan and return to the army headquarters, when the situation was close to defeat. Yet all the time that he was in the army headquarters to officers, Bonaparte wrote daily letters full of love and passion for Josephine. In these letters, he asked her to come to him, at least for a time, moving from the requests to orders to her.
Their past life was very contrast: Josephine - secular and experienced woman, and Napoleon - the general, a chaste young man without much experience of love in the past. Repeated requests, the requirements of Napoleon to Josephine, her hardships and tired, but access to huge amounts of money and unlimited spending her happy.
Bonaparte was in constant military campaigns, but he never ceased to feel the passion and adoration for Josephine, even when she was forty years old and her beauty began to fade.
Photo - Napoleon Bonaparte
Photo — «Napoleon Bonaparte»
Josephine was the only woman who had power over the thoughts and feelings of Napoleon.
Bonaparte, going to the Egyptian campaign, pleaded Josephine, that once a country is conquered, it will come to him. However, Napoleon was assailed concern about loyalty Josephine, he began writing to friends about the behavior of his wife.
True friends who loved and respecting Bonaparte wrote honestly about the adventures of his wife in Paris in his absence. Bonaparte dispelled illusions about Josephine and he decided on his return from Egypt to divorce her. Since then Bonaparte stopped being a faithful husband, with his army had many wives of officers and soldiers, many of them have become widows.
Bonaparte drew attention to the young and blonde wife wagon lieutenant who served in the 22nd cavalry regiment. Margarita Pauline Belisle was once in the attention showered Bonaparte and her expensive gifts and love letters from him.
Bonaparte organized to Lieutenant wagon to go to Italy to accompany the mail courier. At the dinner hosted by the wife of Lieutenant Bonaparte invited and sat beside her at the table to take care of it personally. In the midst of dinner, Napoleon suddenly knocked a glass of wine at his neighbor and asked her to apologize to your apartment, so she brought herself up. Back to the lunch they never returned.
The next day Bonaparte ordered to allocate a separate house for Madame. On the return of Lieutenant wagon learned of his wife's infidelity and scandal, demanded a divorce. After a furious husband to pacify sent to Syria. Napoleon Bonaparte and Margaret Pauline-Belisle are living quite openly, the soldiers called it "our general's."
Margarita Pauline waited to Napoleon divorced Josephine, she was trying to have a baby from him, but could not. Napoleon was forced to go to Syria, leaving his mistress in Egypt, where British troops took her captive along with many French soldiers. Bonaparte returned to Paris with the intention to divorce his wife, but then changed his mind and made his peace with Josephine, he realized that society does not approve of his mistress have opened in its new status.
Josephine herself soberly aware that the divorce with Bonaparte - is the end of all its expenses and luxurious life, so she sought reconciliation with Napoleon. It is known that Napoleon returned immediately ordered him not to let Josephine, but she spent hours sought a meeting with him, and when it has been joined by their children, then Napoleon talked to her. Napoleon forgave Josephine, paid her a huge debt incurred by her dissolute life during his absence, almost two million. At this point his wife Josephine was impeccable, all supporting and obeying her husband.
Subsequently, Josephine was terrified of losing their influence over Napoleon, she was jealous of all women. Suit shadowing him, from which Napoleon is enraged. Bonaparte is no longer seen in Josephine mistress, but only smart wife sovetchitsu. As consul, he could afford a mistress, and then he had to abandon it because of the status of the Emperor.
Mistress Margarita Pauline returned from English captivity back to Paris and recalled Bonaparte currently. She has appeared on everywhere where there was Bonaparte, the Emperor has to meet up with him. Bonaparte bought the silence of former mistress giving her country house and gave a large sum of money, and after a couple of years married her rich husband.

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