Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blore Heath Finds

It is inevitable that when so many people fought and died in a small area of land that some evidence of the event is left behind. Additionally, the deep valley through which flows a brook has probably been a spot where people have lived for centuries. Over the years, some artefacts have been uncovered through the course of working the land, or by metal detecting enthusiasts.
Objects such as a sword, an axe, and pieces of armour have been found in the area around Blore Heath and Market Drayton in years gone by. However, the current whereabouts of these items is unknown.
Here are some pictures of some of the more interesting items found. Note that it is difficult to put an exact period of origin on many of the items, and not all of them originate from the time of the battle. If you have any views on what some of these objects are, and who might have owned them, then please contact us

From left, top to bottom:
  1. Possibly a 'bodkin' arrowhead. Long and pointed, and able to pierce armour.
  2. A spearhead, possibly early medieval, and very probably used in the battle.
  3. Two musket balls. Blore Heath was one of the first battles on English soil to have used gunpowder.
  4. This is an unusual shaped object, which has an opening at the top end and is hollow. It is believed that this item is the from the tip of a sheath or scabbard.

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