Saturday, March 23, 2013

Desiree by Annemarie Selinko
Desiree by Annemarie Selinko

Desiree is a child of the French Revolution as
 her father has instilled the values of the Rights
of Man.  As her world is changing around her
in France, Desiree only worries about the future
of her family.  It is her destiny that she meets the
 young general, Napoleon.  Napoleon and
Desiree fall in love and the marriage is arranged.
However, Napoleon's quest for power causes him
to reject Desiree for a women who will help his
rise to power.  Desiree marries a rival of Napoleon,
and her marriage slowly brings to Desiree's rise to power with her
husband.  Even though Desiree and Napoleon have chosen separate
paths, their lives continue to intertwine.  The relationship between
Desiree and Napoleon show just how important someone's first love
truly is.

This was not the first time I read this book, but the second.  It was
recommended to me by my aunt when I was in middle school.  I
started to reread it again because of the stress of a fatal accident
of my husbands grandfather.  This book is an excellent book to take
a person away from the stresses of their lives.  It took me months to
finish it because I was so tied into family and school work
(I started in September).  Even though it was only the second
time reading it, I really really recommend it to anyone who enjoys
classic literature, romance, or historical fiction.  I recommended it to
a friend in the past because she liked books like Jane Eyre.  She
really did enjoy the book and I hope that other people will read this
book and it can take them them back to the past and away for a little

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