Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Coalitions Against France


The 1st Coalition1792-1797

Austria, Prussia, Great Britain, Spain, Piedmont.

Campaign History:
Revolutionary Wars

The 2nd Coalition1798-1801 
Russia, Britain, Austria, Ottoman Empire, Portugal, Naples, Vatican.

Campaign History:
Trial in Egypt 

The 3rd Coalition1805

Austria, Great Britain, Russia, Sweden.

Campaign History:

The 4th Coalition1806-1807

Prussia, Saxony, Russia.

Campaign History:
Conquest of Prussia

The 5th Coalition1809

Great Britain and Austria.

Campaign History:
War Along the Danube
The Peninsular War

The 6th Coalition1812-1814

Great Britain and Russia, joined by Prussia, Sweden, Austria, German States.

Campaign History:
Invasion of Russia
1813 Liberation of GermanyDefence of France

The 7th Coalition1815

Great Britain, Russia, Prussia, Sweden, Austria, German States.

Campaign History:
The 100 Days and Waterloo.

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