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Who's who

1. The Court and Castle

King Arthur Noble King of England, master of Camelot. He is the host for this tournament. Arthur carries the great sword Excalibur. He is married to Queen Guinevere, and brother to Queen Morgawse of Orkney.

Queen GuinevereArthur's wife and mistress of Castle Camelot. Generally regarded to be the most beautiful woman in England, she is also kind and wise.

Merlin the MagicianA half-breed of devil and man, Merlin is Arthur's advisor and protector. The rumour is that he can see through time and that he lives backwards (starting old and growing younger), but most everyone agrees that he started old and just seems to have stayed that way.

Sir Kay Arthur's cousin and the seneschal of Camelot. He is responsible for the day-to-day running of the castle. He is Arthur's other advisor, as well as supervising the castle staff.

Lady Elaine of Atalotthe daughter of King Pelles, Elaine is a visitor at court, here to see the tournament.

"Kitchen Boy" A servant at Camelot. He showed up about a year ago looking for work. He wouldn't tell anyone anything about his experience or lineage - including his name. With no one to speak for him, Kay was going to throw him out, but Queen Guinevere suggested he could help in the kitchen. He's been there every since. He's pleasant, helpful, and quite strong.

Nancy A maid in service to Guinevere. She's pleasant, but a little flighty.

Granny An ancient, largely retired servant. She seems to go wherever she likes, and is a great source of gossip.

2. The Western Court

King Mark of Cornwall A powerful soldier, now slightly past his prime. Cornwall has fallen on hard times and he hopes the prestige of winning the tourney will equal financial and political power for his kingdom. He was betrothed to the beautiful Ysolde, but chivalrously broke off their contract when he found out she was in love with Sir Tristam.

Sir Tristam Amongst the youngest of Arthur's knights, Tristam distinguished himself when is was in service to his uncle, King Mark, by defeating King Aonghais of Ireland. In that fight he was badly wounded (rumour has it that Aonghais used magic weapons), and was saved by Ysolde.

Ysolde The only daughter of the late King Aonghais of Ireland, she is known far and wide as a healer. After her father's death, she healed Tristam, which made her very unpopular in Ireland. She fled with her new love. She was supposed to marry King Mark of Cornwall, and forge an alliance between their two kingdoms, but that fell apart. She is the niece of Morrigan of Ireland.

Robbyn Tristan's squire. A young boy from Cornwall. In addition to being quite a good fighter, Robbyn has an excellent singing voice and dances well. It is possible he will be invited to sit at the Round Table during this tourney.

3. The Table Round

Sir Lancelot Noble and brave, Sir Lancelot is amongst Arthur's greatest knights. Although older than many of the other knights, he is still remarkably skilled and to be feared on the list field. He has spent much of the last 15 years on quest.
Sir Percival Young and brash, Percival is amongst Arthur's greatest knights. It was once believed that he would be the knight to find the Grail, but in recent years people have begun to pin their hopes on Galahad.
Sir Galahad barely 17, handsome and genteel, Galahad is amongst Arthur's greatest knights. His origins are mysterious, and somewhat magical. He is the knight who sits in the "Siege Parlous", the chair at The Round Table that killed all others who sat in it.
Dame Ursula is the Abbess of the convent where Galahad was found as a baby. She was his tutor and governess, and left her post at the convent to travel with him throughout the world. She is very devoted to him.

4. The Northern Court

King Lot of the Orkneys A fearsome warrior from the Northern lands, King Lot is married to Arthur's sister, Morgawse. His father (also named Lot) was one of the knights defeated at the tournament where young Arthur drew the sword from the stone.
Queen Morgawse Arthur's sister and Queen of the Orkneys by marriage, she is rumoured to have magical powers. She is Sir Gawaine's mother.
Sir Gawaine The son of King Lot and Queen Morgawse (which makes him Arthur's nephew), Gawaine is amongst Arthur's greatest knights. He has had many well-known adventures and owns a magic belt which makes him stronger as the sun climbs in the sky.
Dame Ragnell Gawaine's exquisitely beautiful wife. Charming, shy, and subservient, she is everything a knight's wife should be. She used to be under some sort of curse, but Gawaine broke it and she married him in gratitude. She is frail, and often withdraws when things become too violent or voices get raised.

5. The Foreign Guests

Morgan Le Fay The King's half-sisterÉ sister? Something like that. She is a darkly beautiful queen of a mysterious Eastern country. She is rumoured to be a powerful sorceress. Her son is Mordred.
Sir Mordred Morgan's son (rumour has it by King Arthur, but those rumours are best kept to yourself), and a powerful warrior, Mordred is amongst Arthur's greatest knights. After some private falling out, Mordred left Camelot to seek service in some other monarch's employ.
The Green Knight A giant and a magician, the Green Knight challenged any of Arthur's knights to cut of his head and, in return, he would cut off theirs' a year later. The only person to accept the challenge was Gawaine. The decapitated Green Knight picked up his head and walked out the door. Gawaine found him a year later, and apparently defeated him, since Gawaine is still amongst the living, but no one knows how.
The Morholt The brother-in-law of the late King Aonghais of Ireland, he declared himself "Protector of Ireland" after his brother's death at the hands of Sir Tristam. The Morholt is a ferocious fighter. He is married to Lady Morrigan.
Lady Morrigan Not much is known about the presumptive Queen of Ireland. She is the sister of the late King Aonghais and the aunt of Ysolde.

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