Friday, April 19, 2013

Coats of Arms of the Arthurian Legend


Morgawse's Coat of Arms is a combination of her father's, Gorlois, and her husband's, King Lot;Morgawse was the sister of Morgana le Fay and half sister to King Arthur. Her husband, King Lot of Orkney, was one of the original rebellious kings. After his death, she made her peace with Arthur and took her four sons, Gawaine, Agravaine, Gaheris, and Gareth, to his court. Using enchantments made by her sister Morgana LeFay, Margawse bedded Arthur and begat Mordred. After many years of scheming to place Mordred on the throne, Morgawse was banished to her estates in Orkney. Years later Arthur would encounter Morgawse again while hunting. She did nothing untoward Arthur, except show him a wall painting by Lancelot depicting his love for Gueen Guenevere.

Argent, a canton Gules, dimindated Sable, three lions Gules, a fess Gules.


Agravaine, Gareth, and Gaheris rounded out the five sons of Morgawse. Agravaine and Gaheris were little more than henchman of their younger half brother Mordred. They helped trap Lancelot in his affair with Guenevere. As Lancelot made his escape he killed Agravaine. Gareth was not a party to the entrapment, due to being a good friend of Lancelot. However both Gareth and Gaheris were accidently killed when Lancelot rescued Guenevere from her execution. Agravaine's, Gaheris', and Gareth's Coat of Arms are derived from their elder brother Gawaine.
Their Coats of Arms are in order; ; Purpure, a double headed eagle Or, a bend Vert.
Purpure, a double headed eagle Or, a bar Gules.
Purpure, a double headed eagle Or, bordure Sable and Gules.

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