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Arthur-Son of Igrayne and Uther Pendragon, the only true ruler of Britain known for pulling the sword from the stone, was taken away at birth by Merlin and raised in Avalon by Sir Ector and was brother to Kay, gifts of long life and knightly and kingly ability were given to him by the fairies and elves of Avalon, led many battles and endured many wounds but carried Excaliber and its scabbard always,

Balan-guard of the river dressed in black, killed by his brother Balyn on accident

Balyn-The Knight who pulled the cursed sword from the scabbard of the damsel (it could only do good in Sir Galahad’s hands), he beheaded the Lady of the Lake when she asked Arthur for Balyn’s head as her only wish, he rode in search of King Ryon for vengeance to be atoned by King Arthur, killed all who supported King Ryon, his curse killed many innocents, he killed the invisible Sir Garlon and was chased to the tower with the Holy Grail by King Pelles, inflicted the Dolorous Stroke on King Pelles thus bringing great sorrow, rest was offered him by the Lady of the Castle but not until he battle the Knight of the River who ends up being Balan his brother and the kill eachother unknowingly, Balyn borrowed a shield not of his coat of arms.

Elaine-Daughter of Igrayne and Gorlois, married to Nantres King of Garlot, half sister to Arthur

Gorlois-Duke of Cornwall, killed by Uther Pendragon in a battle over Igrayne.

Green Knight- Challenged anyone in Arthur’s court to take a swing at him and then take one from him a year and a day later, Gawain accepted and the Green Knight taught him a lesson later on.

Guinevere-A beautiful woman who Arthur fell in love with and married despite Merlin’s warning that his best knight will love her also and cause shame and the end of peace, a quest began on their wedding day involving a white deer, a dog and a damsel,

Igrayne-Wife of Gorlois, bore three daughters to him, widowed and remarried Uther Pendgragon and had Arthur.

King Leodegraunce-Father of Guinevere

King Pelles-King of the Castle Carbonek, angered by Sir Garlon’s death and chased Balyn all about his castle up to the tower where the Holy Grail lay, was struck by Balyn with the Dolorous Stroke and lay wounded until Sir Galahad would right it,

King Pellinore-Used to kill knights who passed by his dwelling, he saw a questing beast which he had to follow for years as punishment, father of Sir Tor and Sir Lamorak, killed King Lot to save Arthur from his evil,

King Ryon-An evil king who wrote Arthur telling him he wanted either his beard or his head and his surrender, Balyn conquered his men and he was forced to battle Arthur along with 12 other kings but was with them no longer when the battle ensued.

King Urience-married to Morgana Le Fay, Arthur’s brother-in-law, nearly killed by his wife.

Lady Nimue-King Pellinore was sent to bring her back to Camelot for Merlin, a good enchanter who warns Arthur about Morgana Le Fay, specifically the robe that her maiden brought for Arthur to wear that burnt the wearer to a crisp.

Merlin-The good enchanter, took Arthur to Avalon in his infancy, neither Saxon nor Briton dare harm him, led Arthur to the Lady of the Lake to get Excaliber and its scabbard, constantly warns and corrects Arthur in his decisions, created the Round Table so the knights wouldn’t feel farther from their king and gave each of them a seat with their name in gold until death, passed on with Lady Nimue after the first quest was finished and after the Pentecostal feast at Camelot.

Morgana Le Fay-KingArthur’s evil sister, married to Sir Urience, she steals Excaliber and tricks Arthur into fighting his own sword in the hands of Sir Accolon, she is discovered to have attempted murder on her husband and disappears.

Morgawse-Daughter of Igrayne and Gorlois, married to Lot King of Orkney, half sister to Arthur

Sir Abelleus-Stole the brachet from the hall during the first quest, was found later holding four damsels captive and was killed by Sir Tor for thievery.

Sir Accolon- was tricked by Morgana Le Fay with Arthur and Sir Uwaine, unknowingly fought King Arthur with his own sword nearly killing him but eventually realizing his mistake and dying himself by Arthur’s hand unknowingly.

Sir Allardyne-A defiant knight guarding the river that the white hart crossed, was slain by Sir Gawain during their first quest.

Sir Ector-Raised Arthur in Avalon and brought his two boys to a New Years Day gathering to find the man who could pull the sword from the stone

Sir Geraint- 18 robbers killed, married Enid

Sir Gareth- the knight of the kitchen

Sir Garlon-The invisible knight who kills randomly and is killed for revenge by Balyn

Sir Gawain-King Arthur’s nephew, one of the most brave and knightly men of Arthur, accepts the challenge of the Green Knight and cuts off his head then travels a year later to have the same done to him. He stays over with a Knight and his court and his wife tempts Gawain who remains stalwart. The Green Knight takes three swings to his head representing the three times he was tested. The third one represented the green lace Gawain accepted as protection.

Sir Kay-Sent his younger “brother” Arthur to find a sword for the tournament and laid claim to the sword Arthur had pulled from the stone-he admitted his lie soon after, the laughing stock of the round table, constantly making fun and constantly being punished for it.

Sir Lancelor-Jealous of Balyn for having the sword he chased him down and was killed by Balyn along with his Lady Columba who killed herself after seeing Sir Lancelor dead.

Sir Launcelot- loved lady Guinevere which caused the eventual fall of Logres to Sir Mordred

Sir Tor-Son of King Pellinore,

Sir Tristram- killed the dragon, left a sliver of his sword in Sir Marhault’s head,

Sir Uwaine-was tricked by Morgana Le Fay with Arthur and Sir Accolon, prevented Morgana Le Fay from killing her husband King Urience.

The Lady of the Lake-Gifted Excaliber and its scabbard to Arthur after he promised to grant her one and only wish whenever she wanted it

Uther Pendragon-King of Britain who led the Britons’ defeat of the Saxons, killed Gorlois and, appeared to Igrayne as Gorlois three hours after he was dead and made love to her, married Igrayne had Arthur and gave him away to Merlin immediately, was poisoned by a traitor.

Chapter Summaries


The Two Swords- How Arthur was conceived, pulled the sword from the stone, declared king, and attained Excaliber

Balyn and Balan-The tale of two brothers who tragically killed themselves, includes King Ryon’s evil etc, and the Dolorous Stroke which occurred during King Arthur’s first year in reign

The First Quest of the Round Table- The tale of the white hart and how chivalry came about, the original pact of care for women in need

The Magic of Nimue and Morgana Le Fay- Explains how Merlin is buried alive until later found and how evil Morgana Le Fay truly is, even to her brother Arthur.


Sir Gawain and the Green Knight- The tale of the Green Knight’s challenge to test the valor present in King Arthur’s court. Sir Gawain accepts and is tested and tempted in truth and covetousness. He is named the most knightly of them all.

The First Quest of Sir Launcelot- the coming of Sir Launcelot with Lady Nimue of the Lake. Unkind words of Sir Kay were ignored and repaid by a switching of armor one day. Launcelot saved Sir Hector by defeating Sir Turquyn. His voyage through the Chapel Perilous. Caught up a tree by a great knight whom he tricked.

Sir Gareth the Knight of the Kitchen- came to Camelot un-named on a Pentecost feast and asked for shelter. Sir Kay put him in the kitchen for a year as a joke calling him Beaumains. A quest to save a damsel’s sister arose and he took it and proved himself a relative of Gaheris and Gawain. The colored knights. Red black green blue knights.

Sir Tristram and the Fair Iseult- given a seat next to the siege perilous. Tale told by a minstrel who turns out to be Sir Tristram himself. Drank love potion, died of a broken heart.

Geraint and Enid- told King Arthur of a white stag which began the quest, went to defend Lady Guinevere’s honor, the incident of the Sparrow Hawk trophy and Enid’s lack of faith. He killed 18 robbers and brought Enid on a quest with him where he saved Duke Liconel from Duke Yder’s dictatorship.

Sir Gawain and the Lady Ragnell- Arthur takes on a quest to take on Gromer Somer Joure’s riddle of finding out what women want. One year later he meets the Lady Ragnell who makes Gawain promise to marry him for the answer. They marry and Gawain gives her all power making her beautiful always and they lived for 7 years together.

Sir Percivale of Wales- raised in the woods by his mother only, recovered the stolen goblet and was trained, met Lady Blanchefleur and exchanged rings, saw the holy grail etc, seated next to the siege perilous and Gawain.

Launcelot and Elaine- How Launcelot became the loophole for evil. He saw the holy grail etc, was tricked by Elaine into thinking she was Guinevere his only love, she bore him a child named Galahad. Launcelot went crazy and roamed until the grail saved him. Later a float came to Camelot with the body of another woman who loved him named Elaine.


How the Holy Grail came to Camelot- Galahad is delivered, takes his sword from the square stone as Merlin had left it. The Grail appears after Arthur proclaims the greatest day of Logres and all go in quest of it thereafter.

The First Adventures of Sir Galahad- earned his shield to match his red armor, it is white with a red cross

The Adventures of Sir Percivale- taken almost to hell by a horse, a woman and her maidens, and lead to the ship eventually.

The Adventures of Sir Bors de Gannis- was forced to choose between his brother’s life and a damsel in distress, almost killed by his brother Lionel, was taken to the ship to meet Percivale.

The Adventures of Sir Launcelot- witnessed a healing done by the Holy Grail, Naciens kept him in counsel of his sins, he and Galahad jousted and found the ship too, Dindrane saved a maiden with her virgin blood and then passed on, Launcelot left them to save someone, Percivale stayed at the shore to pray for his sister, Galahad and Bors rode on in search of the Castle Carbonek.

How Launcelot and Gawain came to Carbonek- Sir Gawain and Sir Hector de Maris saw the candle with the bridle that told Hector he was unworthy and the 7 candle stick that showed Gawain the end of light in Logres. Launcelot and Gawain met up and went to the Castle Carbonek, Gawain resisted the feast given but Launcelot ate, Gawain was lead up to the top of the chapel and saw the Grail, Launcelot was left outside the door and was knocked unconscious, they returned to Camelot after he was healed.

The End of the Quest- Launcelot, Gawain, Percivale, Galahad, and Bors all rode together to the Castle Carbonek. Blanchefleur is the Grail Maiden. Galahad stops the procession and they went up to the chapel again carrying King Pelles this time. Galahad drank from the Grail and Naciens died naturally. The drops of blood from the spear touch Pelles’ wound and he is healed. Percivale repaired the broken sword and he married Blanchefleur. Galahad was taken to heaven along with the grail and spear. Back at Camelot, Launcelot has forgotten all he was warned of and loves still Guinevere.


Launcelot and Guinevere- Launcelot heals Sir Urry with a touch that signifies the end of light in Logres. On the same day before he came back Lady Guinevere celebrates May with a procession, she is kidnapped by Sir Melliagraunce and held captive. Launcelot saves her and vows to joust with Melliagraunce. He tricks Launcelot with a trap door keeping him in a dungeon, Launcelot must kiss a girl to escape. He kills Melliagraunce and Guinevere tells him in secret she will thank him later in the garden at sundown. Sir Mordred and Agravain hear this secret and eves drop on the meeting.

The Plots of Sir Mordred- Agravain and Mordred tell Gawain of the trechery. Gawain wants no part. King Arthur finds out and orders Launcelot killed. In Lady Guinevere’s room, Launcelot kills the knights who attack him except Sir Mordred. Guinevere is sentenced to death by Arthur, Launcelot comes to rescue her accidentally killing Gareth and Gaheris. He took Guinevere to the Castle of Joyous Garde in Gwynedd. 15 weeks of war waged on the castle, peace was made between Arthur and Launcelot (who left), Guinevere was returned. Gawain held a grudge, and Arthur waged war on Launcelot in Armorica, meanwhile Sir Mordred is left to rule Britain. He claims Arthur dead, is crowned at Canterbury and is cursed by the Archbishop because of it. Tried to force Guinevere to marry him, she fortified herself in the Tower of London. Gawain pleaded Launcelot’s forgiveness in his dying breath letter.

The Last Battle- After the battle of Dover in which Mordred was defeated, he and Arthur made a truce of one month at Arthur’s request after he was visited by Gawain in a dream (he told Arthur to wait to fight Mordred until Launcelot returned to help), Each told his army that if any sword be drawn that the war was on, one knight drew his sword to kill an adder that had bitten him and all hell broke loose. All of the Knights of the Round Table were killed except Sir Bedivere and Sir Lucan. Sir Mordred was alone on his side. Arthur and Mordred fought and were both mortally wounded. Lucan and Bedivere carried Arthur with his head wound to a deserted chapel where Lucan died of exhaustion. Arthur told Bedivere to take Excaliber and throw it in the lake. He failed twice but the third time threw it in resisting greed. The Lady of the Lake caught the sword and took it back down into the lake. Arthur went to Avalon on a barge with the Lady of the Lake, the Lady of the Isle of Avalon, and Queen Morgana Le Fay his sister who wept.

Epilogue- Sir Bedivere became a monk, Launcelot later found Guinevere a nun and made himself a monk far away. Guinevere died, Launcelot read her eulogy and later died. Hector de Maris flattered him in death. After he died, Sir Hector, Sir Bors, Sir Blamour, and Sir Bleoberis (the only knights of the round table left) went on a pilgrimage to the holy land and there died.  A Shepard in the haunted Gwynedd found a cave under a tree that led to King Arthur and his knights all sleeping. He accidentally rung the bell and woke Arthur who asked if it was day and then warned the Shepard not to wake the knights and to leave.

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