Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Desiree's Tiara

Ruby Parure Tiara - (Denmark)
The ruby parure tiara was created in the early 1800’s for Queen Desiree of Sweden. The tiara was given to Desiree Clary in 1804 from her husband Jean Baptiste Bernadotte for the coronation of Napoleon. The tiara entered the Danish Royal Family when Queen Louise married King Frederick VIII. The tiara later passed on to Princess Alexandrine who then later gave the tiara to Queen Ingrid as a wedding gift. The tiara later was given to Queen Ingrid’s grandson Crown Prince Frederik. Crown Prince Frederik’s wife Crown Princess Mary now owns the tiara and this is one of her more significant pieces. 
Over time the tiara has been altered. Queen Ingrid dramatically changed the tiara by making it larger and really more tiara like. Previously the ruby parure tiara was much smaller and more wreath like, with random placement of the leaves. She had two brooches that were in the parure added to the tiara, which greatly increased the size and structure of the tiara. When Crown Princess Mary received the tiara she also altered it. Mary’s changes have not been as significant as Ingrid’s though. She had the leaves rearranged, which made the tiara leaves more tightly packed together. She also had the frame changed  so it would be easier to wear. 

                                                       The earlier version of the tiara

                                                               The current design

                  Crown Princess Mary of the House of Bernadotte wearing Desiree's jewels

Sweden has changed the rules of succession.  Crown Princess Victoria, as the eldest, is first in line tot he throne, and not her younger brother.


  1. Mary is the wife of the Crown Prince of Denmark. Crown Princess Victoria is next in line to the throne of Sweden.

  2. Thanks! I have corrected the misinformation.