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War of the Roses: Important People



Below are mini-biographies of the major noble participants in the wars. 
Notice that most families had more than one generation involved in the 
conflict. Those nobles that allied with the Lancastrian cause are labeled 
with a . Nobles that supported the Yorkists effort are labeled with a 
Nobles that switched allegiances are marked with both in the order of their 

John Audley  (14xx - 1459)
Died leading the Lancastrian forces at Blore heath.

    John Audley   (14xx - 14xx)
    First supported the Lancastrians and was captured in 1459 at Calais. 
    Joined the Yorkist cause and was a member of Richard III's council.

Edmund Beaufort, duke of Somerset  (c. 1406 - 1455)
Died at battle of First St. Albans.

    Henry Beaufort,duke of Somerset  (c 1436 - 1464)
    Killed at Hexham.

    Edmund Beaufort  (14xx - 1471)
    Brother of Henry; killed at Tewkesbury.

Thomas Clifford  (14xx - 1455)
Died at battle of First St. Albans.

    John Clifford   (14xx - 1461)
    First supported the Yorkist cause then fought against them at 
    Wakefield and Towton where he was killed.

William Herbert, earl of Pembroke  (14xx - 1469)
Executed after the battle of Edgecote Moor

    William Herbert  (14xx - 1469)
    Executed after the battle of Edgecote Moor

John Howard, duke of Norfolk  (14xx - 1485)
Related to the Mowbrays. Awarded duke of Norfolk in 1483. 
Killed at Bosworth.

John Mowbray, duke of Norfolk    (1444 - 1476)
Married to the duke of York's niece. Switched allegiances many times.

Richard Neville, earl of Salisbury  (1400 - 1460)
An early Yorkist leader; was executed after the battle of Wakefield.

    Richard Neville, earl of Warwick, the Kingmaker  (1428 - 1471)
    The most powerful non-royal leader. Worked to make 
    Edward IV king. Killed at the battle of Barnet.

Henry Percy, 2nd earl of Northumberland  (1392 - 1455)
The Percies were the arch-enemies of the Neville family. 
Henry died at First St. Albans.

    Henry Percy, 3rd earl of Northumberland  (1421 - 1461)
    Died at the battle of Towton

      Henry Percy, 4th earl of Northumberland  (1449 - 1489)
      Imprisoned by Edward IV then pardoned. Killed by 
      peasants of Yorkshire.

    Ralph Percy  (14xx - 1464)
    Killed at the battle of Hedgley Moor.

Thomas Roos 
Executed after the battle of Hexham.

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