Tuesday, May 7, 2013



     Morgause was a hateful, evil, dreadful lady. She hated Arthur with all her passion, but only because his father shamed her mother. She was the mother of 5 different kids, between two men. When she was married to Lot, together they had 4 kids: Gawain, Gaheris, Agravain, and Gareth.

     Using her powers (for she was a witch), she tricked Arthur into conceiving a child with her. Mordred came about from this affair, and Morgause, being the evil lady she was, used this son against Arthur. The despicable part was that Arthur had know idea that Morgause was his half sister (along with her other two sisters). However, King Arthur was not the only one Morgause shamed. She shamed her husband Lot, by sleeping with Sir Lamerak; unfortunately, her son Gaheris found out about this affair. This put him into a angry rage, in which he killed his own mother.

      Without Morgause in the King Arthur story, her bitter ways would have been non-existant; and those bitter ways caused a lot of different events to happen through out this time period.

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