Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Desiree audiobook press release

Annemarie Selinko’s ‘Désirée’ Brought to Life in Captivating New Audiobook.
A global best-seller of Napoleon’s first love, Désirée has captured the hearts of millions. Now, for the first time, the book has been brought to life in audiobook form, featuring the voice of Nicole Quinn.

For Immediate Release

Accord, NY –  Having delighted millions of readers around the world, Annemarie Selinko’s ‘Désirée’ has become a timeless classic. Bringing this literary staple to the modern world, BlueBarnProductions announces a new audiobook release, narrated by Nicole Quinn.

Story synopsis:

To be young, in France, and in love: fourteen year old Desiree can't believe her good fortune. Her fiance, a dashing and ambitious Napoleon Bonaparte, is poised for battlefield success, and no longer will she be just a French merchant's daughter. She could not have known the twisting path her role in history would take, nearly breaking her vibrant heart, but sweeping her to a life rich in passion and desire.

A love story, but so much more, Désirée explores the landscape of a young heart torn in two, giving readers a compelling true story of an ordinary girl whose unlikely brush with history leads to a throne no one would have expected.

An epic bestseller that has earned both critical acclaim and mass adoration, Désirée is at once a novel of the rise and fall of empires, the blush and fade of love, and the heart and soul of a woman.

As the narrator explains, Désirée plays an important role in her own life.

“It’s the first book I checked out of the adult section of my convent boarding school library when I was 12.  An unwitting heroine, she’s someone who never sought the limelight, but who dazzled in it just the same,” says Nicole Quinn.

Continuing, “So many have been affected by the story of Desiree Clary, the daughter of a silk merchant from Marseilles, who finds herself Queen Desideria of Sweden, co-foundress of a dynasty -- as evidenced by the customer reviews on Good Reads, Amazon, and blogs.  Not just women respond to this title.”

As it’s now available in modern-day audiobook format, Quinn expects a new and fresh audience for a story that is a cornerstone of literary history.

“The book tells of a critical moment in history.  It’s one thing to revolt in the new world.  It was quite another to rattle the antique dynasties of Europe off their thrones. Both women and men can now re-capture the spirit of Selinko’s legendary text, in a format that suits the modern day media consumer,” she concludes.

The audiobook, produced by BlueBarnProductions, is available now from Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

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About Nicole Quinn
Nicole Quinn won the Harper Audio Contest to read on Neil Gaiman’s 10th anniversary full cast audiobook of American Gods.  Quinn has created character voices for computer games -- Space Colony and Stronghold II.  She has written for HBO, Showtime, and network television. Her award winning feature film Racing Daylight, starring Academy Award winner Melissa Leo and Academy Award nominee David Strathairn, is currently cycling on Showtime. Her short plays are published by Playscripts, Inc., Viking Vintage, and Smith & Kraus. At the moment she’s a million years in the future building the Nightmare’s world for The Gold Stone Girl series. 

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