Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Gold Stone Girl Series

The Gold Stone Girl Series, soon out in Kindle and Audiobook formats, is a hero's journey, by, for, and about human females, set in the distant future.  

In It's Nightmare,  we meet Mina.

Mina lives in a world where dreaming is outlawed.  Blinkin is the sole continent of the planet formerly known as Earth and Winkin is its only city.  There are no women here, only breeders.  Women were reclassified by the Night Mare in the long ago.  

The Night Mare is the supreme dictator of Blinkin, and the head of its government-church.  She is the sole architect of the stone-rule, the method by which the Gold Stone Girl, the breeder who will be raised as human sacrifice, is identified.  These rare girls are eaten alive, on a live broadcast, by the Night Mare herself.  It has something to do with ancient rites, planet-wide renewal, and how the dread demon first came to power, but mostly it’s just gross.  

Mina won’t learn any of the details of this her fate, until she’s surrendered to the government, as is required by law.  She grows up in the Off-grid land that surrounds Winkin City, with Bubba and Dee-Dee, who rescued her as a baby, from inside the trunk of the willow tree where she gestated alongside lygaeids hibernating as larvae.  They raise her as their own in this land where the birth of girls is legally discouraged and privately-owned females are licensed as domestic pets.  They don’t know that Mina is the Dream Weaver, a being who will discover that if she is to survive the Night Mare’s land, she must change everything. 

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