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So Today I Learned Napoleon’s Penis is in New Jersey

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The garden state; where gas prices are cheaper and boardwalks
are longer, and also where Napoleon Bonaparte’s penis is being held.
Quick history recap: Napoleon was exiled to the British island of
St. Helena after his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo. It was
on this island that he was poisoned with arsenic by his own captors
and died. Now for some reason, Napoleon’s doctor decided to
remove his penis during the autopsy and give it to a priest.
Thus began the journey of Napoleon’s johnson.
The priest, known as Vignali, recognised the potential 
worth of the relic and smuggled it off to Corsica 
where it was passed on through the priests’ f
amily until 1916. A distinguished antiquarian 
bookseller from London then came along and 
bought Vignali’s entire collection of questionable 
memorabilia. It went on display in New York in 
1927 where the penis was said to resemble 
something “like a maltreated strip of buckskin 
shoe-lace or shriveled eel,” and was mocked for 
its small size. Eventually it found its way to the 
auction block, but in 1969, it failed to sell to 
anyone at Christie’s auction house in London. 
One British newspaper covering the failed event 
featured the headline: “Not tonight, Josephine!”
Finally in 1977, Napoleon’s privates retired from public ridicule
when it was purchased for $3,000 at auction by  Dr. John Lattimer,
a leading urologist and new Jersey native. Since its sale, the penis has
not been seen. Lattimer had bought it with the intention to bring an
end to its mockery. So it sits in a box in his closet in New Jersey. The End.
PS. Someone wrote an entire book about this called Napoleon’s 
Privates: 2,500 Years of History Unzipped

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