Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The execution of Marie Antoinette.  Artist unknown.

A brief chronology of the French Revolution:
February 1787:Assembly of "notables" called by Charles-Alexandre de Calonne
May 5, 1789:Estates-General met at Versaille
July 14, 1789:Parisian rabble seized the Bastille.
Aug 4, 1789:National Assembly abolished feudal regime and tithe
Aug 26, 1789:Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen
October 5, 1789:Paris rabble marched on Versaille, brought King to Paris.
June 20, 1791:Louis XVI tried to flee country.
April 20, 1791:France declares war on Prussia and Austria.
Aug 10, 1792:Revolutionaries occupied Tuileries, imprisoned the royal family.
Jan 21, 1793:Louise XVI executed.
Sept 5, 1793:Reign of Terror (to July 27, 1794)
Oct. 5, 1795:Napoleon crushes Royalist attempt to seize power in Paris.
November 9-10, 1799:Napoleon (18-19 Brumaire) proclaimed end of the revolution.

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