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Kingdom of Pictland gov.pic

Pictish Adam and Eve Bookmarks
Pencil and ribbon on two pieces of paper mounted on black velvet
330mm x 280mm
Private Collection, Hong Kong

Welcome to the Official Government Web site of the Kingdom of Pictland.
The Kingdom of Pictland was proclaimed a Sovereign nation in exile on 3 March 1812, in a Decretum Regius by His Majesty King George III, Hereditary High King of the Northern Picts — not to be confused with the mentally disturbed King George III, King of England.
The Decision to create, and otherwise establish this national entity, arose out of a deep concern for the obvious loss and erosion of the cultural heritage, customs, and traditions of Pictland, this caused mainly by the encroachment of the British Government, and their complete suppression of the entire nation.
The acts of genocidal warfare perpetuated upon the populace did not help. In an effort to retain our National Identity, we were forced to leave our homeland and re-establish our Sovereign Government among the colonies and ex-colonies of our oppressors.
Our first priority is to represent our 1,000,000+ subjects, and to try to make the best of our current circumstances.
Royal authority is held by H.M. King Derile Pentland II, a resident of Ketchikan, Alaska. The Kingship is a hereditary position, and is passed by tanistry from His Majesty to a designated heir apparent.
The responsibilities of His Majesty include carrying out and safeguarding the laws and customs of the Kingdom of Pictland.
The King is also responsible for managing the country’s affairs by establishing policies along with the Pictish High Council in accordance with Pictish law, in order for Pictish sovereignty and unity to be respected, for the peoples’ wellbeing to be protected, and for the overall growth and development of our nation.
We have strived ever since the inauguration of the King of Pictland to serve our people and country as our fathers did before us. The Pictish peoples’ life is our life, their happiness is ours, their suffering and deaths are ours as well. We do not lead an independent life apart from our people, neither do we wish any other life but one of service to our people. What we wish and aspiration is for the Pictish people to live in peace and harmony in this present day and age.
It is our wish to see that what we inherited reaches fruition. For well-known reasons, even if we are not amidst our people, we have never left them in spirit. In exile, we have shared our peoples’ tribulations and suffering. We are firmly with our people to share their problems, to partake in their joys, as well as to give them moral support. We exist to facilitate their unity of purpose, to preserve our historical unity, and in order for the people to rise and reconstruct our nation.
It is our wish to do all we can in order to leave to future generations a solid foundation upon which to build, by serving as a bridge from the past to the future, so that our history, traditions, culture, and way of life are passed on to them.
The Kingdom of Pictland is a proud member of the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR), a premier serious unrecognised government organisation (SUGO).
The Cesidian Root maintains a .PIC top-level domain (TLD) for the Kingdom of Pictland.
This website was made possible courtesy of the Hon. Most Rev. Dr. Cesidio Tallini, Governor of the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago; President of the Cesidian Root; Bishop of the Cesidian Church; loyal ally of the Kingdom of Pictland; and Webmaster General of this Web site.

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