Thursday, May 31, 2012


UNRAVELED has been approved by the author!

Dalston Junction, a chilling novella with a twist, by MeiLin Miranda, is in the ACX quality check queue.  Unraveled by NY Times bestselling Harlequin Romance author, Courtney Milan, will join the approvals line today!

Dalston Junction is Victorian, atmospheric, baby-farming with a sci-fi twist.

Unraveled is an epic romance set against the backdrop of the legal system of Bristol, England, 1894.  A Dickensian cast of characters in a literate romp - I laughed and I cried.

Street: Empathy, book one of a cyberpunk series by Ryan A Span is on sale now! (Audible, Itunes, Amazon)

I've started giving voice to Desiree by Annemarie Selinko, and with each new chapter I'm reminded anew of why I have read this sweeping account of Napoleon's first love, again and again.   Wonderful intimate storytelling set against the backdrop of epic history (herstory?).  The narrator is cheeky and bright, a shaper of history, as all women are, by just living her life!

Many thanks to  Annemarie Selinko's estate -  Annemarie and Erling Kristiansens Foundation, and to Anneli Høier, of the Leonhardt & Høier Literary Agency, in Copenhagen, Denmark, for making this happen.

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